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In the before times, no trip to Asheville felt complete if we didn’t stop by Rosetta’s Kitchen for some peanut butter tofu and a pint of kombucha. Like its vegan friendly soul food, the family friendly atmosphere was a source of comfort and relaxation, particularly in the early years of toting a toddler and an infant around town. Rosetta’s became was our go to restaurant because I could always count on my kids eating their food – and nothing makes me quite as irritated as ordering (or cooking!) a meal only to have a small child turn their nose up at it. With a menu full of vegan options, we never felt constrained. It was easy and I am definitely pro-easy right now.

It’s funny how a place can become part of your family narrative. Toward the end of my pregnancy with my son, I had non-stress tests twice each week. The name of these test is misleading, because I found it to be extremely stressful process. After these lengthy appointments I’d waddle my way to Rosetta’s and eat a plate of chili fries or tacos by myself before the lunch crowd arrived. The night before my son was born my husband picked up Family Favorite and late into the evening after our son was born the following day, he brought me The Mountain. We’ve celebrated birthdays, grabbed quick lunches while running errands, and gathered with family on the way to see the Nutcracker.

It’s not just the good food though – it’s also the people. Two staff members (Davey and Pixie – we miss you!) really captured their heart and imagination. They danced together, were surprised with birthday cookies, and had the privilege for feeding the seahorses in the Buchi Bar aquarium. They told my son and daughter they were their favorite regulars – and even though they probably said that to the parade of cute kids who came in every day – it really made mine feel special. As they got older, I could enjoy a few quite moments to myself, because they’d be sitting at the bar, sipping their kombucha and chatting with Davey. It was like a little mini-vacation, and I was so grateful for it. The business is respectful of it’s staff and honors the dignity in work and in the community with fair wages, reasonable work hours, and an every one eats program – really just being so awesome. I am happy to have supported these efforts one plate of vegan tacos at at time.

My two kittens, side by side at the Buchi Bar, living their best life during the “before times.”

As fall approaches, I know it’s about to be gravy season in our house. The best vegan gravy I’ve ever had, is at Rosetta’s. For years I made my own copycat recipe at home, but it wasn’t quite right (not enough water or flour). Then one day I found Rosetta’s published Granny’s Gravy recipe online. I’m sharing it with you so you too can put it on everything you make this fall and winter. I could pour this on an old shoe and my son would eat it, and everyone needs a trick like that for dinnertime. Sometimes I add a little celery seed, rosemary and/or thyme – but it’s totally unnecessary.

Granny’s Gravy published by Rosetta’s Kitchen (via Instagram on Christmas Day, 2019)


  • 1 cup all purpose flour
  • 1 cup nutritional yeast
  • 1 tablespoon dried oregano
  • 1 tablespoon ground black pepper
  • 1 cup olive oil
  • 2 quarts water
  • 1 cup soy sauce


  • Toast dry ingredients over medium heat in 4 quart pan unti fragrant – don’t burn them! (I can attest that skipping this step is a really bad idea)
  • Add olive oil and whisky together until bubbly
  • Slowly add in water and soy sauce
  • Whisk and simmer
  • Pour on everything (also, skipping this step is a bad idea)

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